Pgeon | Affordable Parcel Delivery And Collection Service in Malaysia

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that comes along with our service.

The following terms and conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by you once you engage with our service.


Our = Pgeon service
Partner = Pgeon collection points

Order Details

You are required to submit your phone number to receive SMS notification when your parcel has arrived at the selected Pgeon points.

Parcel Criteria

All parcel has to weight below 5kg and within 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.

Pgeon Collect

This service does not provide delivery service and is not liable for any parcel lost during the delivery process.

Our liability

We are not liable for all posting of breakable fragile items (glass, earthenware, porcelain, ceramics, crockery, sanitary ware and the like). You may do so at your own discretion.

In the event when your parcel is lost at the selected pick-up Pgeon Point, please submit your claim to the service provider which you engage our service with or via our contact form to Pgeon in order for us to investigate your parcel.

We are not liable for parcel lost during delivery.

You should contact us or service providers within 3 days of the drop-off or intended collection date.

It takes 15 days to complete a Pgeon parcel claim. If we are unable to locate your items, then we will declare the parcels as lost and we will reimburse you.

Our maximum reimbursement is RM200. You may be entitled to additional reimbursement depending on your service provider.

You should supply our team or service provider when requested with the following detail in order to secure your claim:

  • Proof of the pgeon point address selected for parcel delivery.
  • Proof of the value of the parcel.
  • Proof of parcel drop-off/pick up SMS from Pgeon.
  • Should you unable to provide all 3 of the above, your claim will not be processed.

We are not liable for your parcel lost if you submitted the wrong phone number.

Our Partner’s Right

Our partners have the right to reject/refuse your parcels if you

Did not make an order through our service provider

The Package:

  • Exceeds the weight or dimensions specified in
  • Is not Correctly Packaged;
  • Does not have a Label attached;
  • Appears to and/or contains Prohibited Articles; OR
  • Appears to be damaged.

Prohibited Articles include but are not limited to:
Any objects or substance that are either illegal in the jurisdiction or in respect of which carriage or possession is illegal in the Jurisdiction.

  • Gases, pyrotechnics, arms and ammunition or corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, oxidising or radioactive materials or any other noxious, dangerous or hazardous goods or goods likely to cause damage; human remains, including funerary items such as urns and ashes or animal remains including taxidermy or ashes
  • Deeds, tender documents, documents including passports, stamps, securities, vouchers, money, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, precious stones or metals, livestock, liquids, foodstuffs, perishable goods, glass, bullion, coins, precious stones, fossils, stoneware, resin items, amber, composites, valuable jewellery, valuable antiques or plants or plant seeds or derivatives, animals (including insects, hatching eggs, birds, ivory), pornography, drugs or narcotics
  • Live plants, firearms, weapons and ammunition, perishable goods, counterfeit or pirated goods or material (including CD, VCD, DVD and BD);
  • Other goods of a dangerous nature or which we in our sole and absolute opinion deem unsafe, unsuitable or otherwise unlawful.

If you nevertheless ( whether knowingly or unknowingly) sent a parcel containing a Prohibited Article to a Pgeon point, you are to be held 100% liable. We will have the rights to destroy or otherwise dealt within our absolute discretion by us or by any other person in whose custody they may be at the relevant time.

Applicable Law

These Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.