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Frequently Asked Questions?

What we are

What exactly is Pgeon?

Pgeon provides pgeon points that are a one stop parcel collection centers.

How does it work?

Below are how you can utilize our pgeon points:

  • You can send a parcel from a pgeon point to a non- pgeon point through EasyParcel.com
  • You can send a parcel from a pgeon point to a pgeon point through Easyparcel.com
  • You can send a parcel to pgeon point from any online stores. All you have to do is just copy the branch code & addresses on our website when you check out!

Sending a Parcel

How do I send a parcel?

Quote and Book your delivery details on www.easyparcel.my to begin. After choosing from some of the best delivery rates in town, you will be directed to the Parcel Details menu.

Click on the check box under Parcel drop-off, and choose a Pgeon point from the drop-down menu.

After entering your parcel details as prompted and checking out your order, proceed to the Pgeon drop-off point with your parcel and go to the counter to drop it off.

Tip: Make sure you go to the right Pgeon point as certain malls have more than one branch of the same retail outlet.

Why can’t I select Pgeon points on this site?

A standalone Pgeon point selection feature will be available here soon! For now, begin Pgeon’ing from www.easyparcel.my

Why is my selected Pgeon point ‘unavailable’?

Pgeon points have different parcel capacities (50 – 100 parcels), and unavailable ones are likely to be at full capacity. Simply choose another Pgeon point from the dropdown menu.

Are there parcel limitations?

As long as all sides of the parcel are smaller than that of an A4 paper (210 × 297 mm) , it can be Pgeon’d.

Picking up a parcel

How do I collect a parcel?

To begin, make sure you inform your sender about using Pgeon on www.easyparcel.my and tell them about the Pgeon point(s) you want to pick up your parcels from. It is recommended that you give them the zipcode of your preferred Pgeon pick-up point for easier Pgeon point selection.

You will receive an email notification when your parcel arrives at your Pgeon pick-up point.

How long is a Pgeon point able to hold my uncollected parcel?

A Pgeon pick-up point will hold your parcel for 4 days before it gets sent back to the sender.


How can my retail be a Pgeon point?

Simply click on Be A Partner to find out more.

How do I contact you?

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