Pgeon | Affordable Parcel Delivery And Collection Service in Malaysia

Powerful and simple shipping with Pgeon

If you are looking for quicker order creation and time saving solution for your wbsite, we have the solution for you. Our API will be able to provide you with a seamless and quick shipment order creating process.


Why a Pgeon API?

No more manually entering orders one by one!

Turn sales into orders

Automatically turn sales into orders

Provide rates for yor customer

Automatically provide rates for your customer

Updates each of your orders

Automatic updates on each of your orders

Manage delivereis on you website

Manage all deliveries on your website

What Can It DO?

Automation is the name of the game. Here are it's great many features!

Create delivery order

Create Delivery Order

Pay for your order

Pay For your Order

Receive your order

Receive your order

Book Pgeon Point

Book Pgeon Point for self-collection

Tracking status

Tracking Status

Account credit checking

Account Credit Checking

Rate checking

Rate Checking